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Founder in Residence

Slimmer AI is an AI B2B venture studio based in The Netherlands. We build B2B SaaS companies from ideation to market launch with inspiring founders who wish to leverage data and AI to disrupt the status quo. Side by side, we help founders build great products and sustainable companies. 

We are seeking the next great founders. Founders who dare to lead, dream big, and are ready to capture the full opportunity of AI in the B2B space. We're ready to roll our sleeves up to help you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams!


Building the next great AI business

As a venture studio, we're building B2B AI products and ventures that will transform the way people work. We know what it takes to do this because we're also a tech company. We have proven a track-record building great ventures—recognized by industry leaders and markets alike. See more about our portfolio here.

We help founders go lightning fast, significantly reduce risk, think big(ger), and build incredible teams. We help founders get the fundamentals right regarding true product thinking, differentiated technology and sustainable commercial viability.

We are seeking founding team members to build a B2B SaaS venture. We are specifically looking for talented individuals with strong domain expertise and hands-on experiences who can fulfill the biggest needs in the early days: Sell a vision, Create a team, and Build a product.

As Founder in Residence at Slimmer AI you will:

  • Validate a real job to be done: Identify, iterate, and test a real need in a specific industry, one that can be solved by applying AI technology (NLP, computer vision, time series analyses).
  • Build and validate a scalable business model: Understand the market, test the first view on a go-to-market strategy, and define the initial unit economics.
  • Prepare to launch a company: Acquire credible launching customers (selling the vision and concept), attract co-founders as needed, and secure pre-seed funding (likely from Slimmer AI).
  • Start your company and launch an MVP in the market.
  • Shape and grow your company to become a leader.

What you bring to the table

Grit, Vision, Self-Awareness, Decisiveness and Empathy. We view these as essential characteristics of the founders of tomorrow, and we assess this and more through our proprietary Founder Assessment process. And here's more about you:

  • A burning ambition to make a difference, with the goal to build an amazing new product and company.
  • Experience and deep knowledge in a relevant industry or domain with a trusted network in this space.
  • Some first ideas or hypotheses in a relevant B2B SaaS area.
  • A relentlessly iterative way of working and thinking; constantly experimenting, validating, learning, and improving.
  • Excellent communication and storytelling abilities.
  • The ability to flourish in an ambiguous and fast-moving environment.
  • A competitive and entrepreneurial spirit with the needed emotional intelligence to successfully lead a young tech company.
  • Ready to dedicate your all to this effort (definitely full-time).

Slimmer AI's Founder in Residence Program

Slimmer AI offers you the best of both worlds: Independence to start your own company, but with an experienced partner to ensure you’ll succeed.

We offer you a fun, innovative, dynamic entrepreneurial and tech environment. We are quirky talents who dare to take a stand and explore new directions. We empower our team to be self-leading, take initiative, and experiment. We are critical thinkers obsessed with discovery and validation.

With us, you can build a great AI-powered software company and become the entrepreneur you were born to be!

Our Founders-in-Residence (FiRs) program offers you:

  • A structured and proven process for product and business validation. But not a “cookie-cutter” or “sausage-machine” program—our approach is very selective and personal; no classes or cohorts of 10+ potential entrepreneurs.
  • Our proprietary Founder Assessment which will give you insights into your abilities, and a blueprint for your development as a founder.
  • Entrepreneurial independence while working weekly with our domain experts on product, strategy, marketing, sales, AI, software, team and fundraising.
  • Program duration of maximum six months, during which you’ll be expected to allocate your full time to validate your idea. 
  • A clear path towards building your product and business post the validation (FiR) phase, with Slimmer AI partnering with you as co-founder on building your product and company. When your company is founded (“spun out” of the validation phase), you as co-founder will hold a significant equity stake.

Are you ready to build the next great tech company? We'd love to hear from you!