Internship Computer Vision

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Internship Computer Vision

As an intern, you like working with the latest technologies, figuring out how to approach a deep technical problem and how to build a solution for that. We are looking for someone with interest and a bit of experience in the computer vision domain.

Internship · Groningen

We believe AI to be the single most transformative technology of our time. Artificial intelligence and machine learning create unprecedented new ways to live and do business. With expertise and insights from the real world, we build products which automate processes, detect anomalies or predict outcomes. And we love to teach others!


Our long history of applied AI has resulted in 100+ successful AI projects and two successful business units (Science and Sentinels). We're taking this 'Lab-to-Impact' approach to the next level in our innovation and venture studio, Slimmer Labs.

Slimmer Labs creates, builds, and scales people-powered B2B AI solutions. We achieve this by leveraging both our past and our present: Significant experience in deploying AI solutions, an extensive network of successful entrepreneurs and a talented team of in-house innovators with a passion for product development.

Internship or Master project AI/CS

Being an intern at Slimmer AI is (obviously) super cool! We have some of the brightest minds in AI to learn from, use the latest technology, and keep innovating every day. We offer the opportunity to research a deep technical problem and support you in finding and building a solution for it. And the best part, we still like to learn from you as well! This means you will also be able to share your research results or technological insights with the team and see your work make a *real* difference.

You'll be working on shape recognition from photos using state of the art deep learning methods. Collecting data and building the dataset will be part of the job, but you'll not start from scratch.

What we are offering:

  • A cool learning experience on real applied AI: software that is actually used by customers
  • Getting to know the "How-to" of software development in a professional context with brilliant colleagues (e.g. scrum methods, peer feedback)
  • Interesting challenges to further the field, and both your and our knowledge.

What we are expecting from you:

  • An experimental mindset
  • A background in AI or Computer Science
  • You love building stuff, studying the literature to understand the latest and greatest and applying that to a real-life problem
  • Affinity for Deep Learning and Computer Vision


  • Start date: May 3, 2021
  • We offer short-term internships (3 months) as well as longer-term projects for example for a Master Thesis (6-8 months)
  • You need to have a valid work permit for the Netherlands

Come join Slimmer AI!

We are a team of innovators, at the forefront of technical knowledge and cutting-edge techniques. From research to prototype, from business validation to new product launch: Innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

We hire quirky talents who dare to take a stand and explore new directions. We empower our team to be self-leading, take initiative and experiment. Because we believe that creative and fulfilled people build the most helpful and inventive products.

We offer: A fun, innovative, entrepreneurial environment; personal responsibility with a ton of autonomy; a chance to see your work make a *real* difference in the *real* world; fun-hangouts with brilliant people, and lots of cake! (These engineers really do love cake…) If you think this sounds ‘gezellig’, we’d love to hear from you!

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