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UX Designer

[only for applicants with a currently valid EU work and residence permit]

Full-time · Amsterdam/Groningen

Sentinels (Financial Risk and Compliance)

The financial system is facing serious challenges. Banks and payment service providers are struggling to meet the requirements of regulators, and current Anti-Money Laundering solutions are falling short of needs. At the root of financial crime are felonies involving drugs, human trafficking and terrorism.

But there’s hope! AI and machine learning offer the promise to effectively catch criminals. The Sentinels team is building cutting-edge AI software products to help financial institutions meet pressing regulatory requirements, reduce false positives, maximize their customer experience, and fight financial crime.

UX Designer | Product & Design Team

Sentinels is looking for a passionate, high-energy, curious and experienced UX Designer to join the team in its mission to fight financial crime.

In this role, you will design customers profiles, networks and dashboard. These profiles help risk analysts understand the people they are investigating and make the best decision in their assessment. Sentinels pictures a comprehensive, holistic view of customers and their networks, so that analysts truly understand their customers, and can easily grasp what transactions and activities are usual or unusual.

You will focus on deeply understanding the needs of analysts, and build an efficient, future-proof, and user-centred workflow.

To achieve this, you will join the “customer profiles” squad and work closely with the product owner of the squad and our machine learning and software engineers. You report to the Head of Product & Design of Sentinels and are a key member in the team effort to build Sentinels to a €100M+ valued business. We organize squads per outcomes, such that each squad has a clear mission and objectives and you are fully empowered and responsible for the results achieved.


As a UX designer, you own and develop design solutions from ideation to execution. You are fully responsible for testing and ensuring the usability of the product. You work hand-in-hand with tech (who ensures feasibility) and product owner (who ensure viability and desirability of the product).

  • Own and develop design solutions from ideation to execution.
  • Deliver low and high-fidelity assets for new product development.
  • Help guide product decisions through user testing and iterative feedback loops.
  • Produce materials for idea discovery and product development, including user flows, wireframes, mockups, prototypes, high-fidelity designs and assets.
  • Present and explain design ideas and concepts to stakeholders, customers or users
  • Using UX research methods, validate concepts and support the definition of the MVP scope
  • Foster design excellence mindset in the squad: design following UX principles, explain UX principles, and stand for them
  • Discovery (50% of time): Informed product designs through UX research.
        • Propose and test design ideas; discover differentiating solutions that directly contribute to our outcomes.
  • Delivery (50% of time): Validated product designs through good UX design.
        • Deliver a high-quality SaaS product design meeting the needs and expectations of our users and following design principles.

Skills and Experience

  • 2-4 years of UX design experience
  • Proficiency in UX design and service design – user flows, wireframes, mockups, prototypes, etc.
  • Self-motivated to take initiative and ownership of your work
  • Experience in User Research (e.g,. leading interviews, usability test and other discovery with potential customers)
  • Have a user-centric mindset throughout your design process.
  • Consistently up to date with the latest design trends and best practices. 

About You

  • Creative and endlessly curious
  • Data-driven, extremely curious about users
  • Technology minded, with a passion for innovation, AI/ML and data visualisation
  • Passionate about excellence in user experience
  • Commercially minded, with a passion for customer interaction
  • Already based in the Netherlands

Come join Sentinels!

We are a team of innovators, at the forefront of technical knowledge and cutting-edge techniques. From research to prototype, from feature validation to new product launch - innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

We hire quirky talents who dare to take a stand and explore new directions. We empower our team to be self-leading, take initiative and experiment. Because we believe that creative and fulfilled people build the most helpful and inventive products.

We offer:

  • A fun, innovative atmosphere
  • An entrepreneurial environment where you learn more every day
  • Personal responsibility with a ton of autonomy
  • A chance to see your work make a real difference in the real world
  • Great hangouts with brilliant people, and lots of cake! (These engineers really do love cake…)

If you think this sounds interesting, we’d love to hear from you!